At Techsixtyfour, the security of our product, My Gator Watch, is of paramount importance. Our business follows all IoT security industry standards and best practices as set out by the IoT Security Foundation.

Since 2017, we have hired a reputable London cyber security firm with industry accepted qualifications to do annual full penetration tests as part of our ongoing commitments to security along with monthly automated vulnerability assessments. We have completed our most recent pen test on Jan 30, 2019.

We are one of only 10% of UK companies that have a vulnerability disclosure policy on our website as we welcome researchers to help us in making our product as safe and secure as possible. We respond within 24 hours to all security researchers and we fix vulnerabilities extremely quickly.

Ce site Web est protégé par le cryptage SSL (Secure Socket Layer), le plus haut standard en matière de sécurité Internet.

All our watches are end to end encrypted which means data communicated from the watch to our server is encrypted.

Divulgation de vulnérabilité

Vulnerability Disclosure Contact - If you are an ethical hacker and have found a vulnerability which you would like to report, please email us at security@techsixtyfour.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

S'il vous plaît voir notre Politique de divulgation de vulnérabilité .