Letters, Emails, and reviews from parents of Gator kids 

A collection of emails, letters, notes and reviews that we've received over the years from parents on how My Gator Watch has made a difference in their lives. Messages like these keep us moving towards our goal of helping kids live an active childhood, just like their parents did - without smartphones, cameras, social media and games.

Mum of a 7-yr old Gator kid

Big hit with our 7 year old. We bought this watch for our daughter and she is loving it, as are we!

We didn't want to give our daughter a phone just yet but still wanted to offer her the independence a 7 year old is looking for. The Gator watch is the perfect solution. It gives us peace of mind when she goes over to see friends and our daughter feels quite savvy wearing it (black was her choice!). We are looking forward to using it abroad in a few days when visiting her grandparents in France.

Last but not least, it's a good feeling to support a mum entrepreneur, who knows exactly what the challenges are.

Mum of a 10-yr old Gator kid

I love your product. In fact I wish I had bought it earlier in my daughter’s life, before she got “too cool” for it, at the grand old age of ten.

I recommend your product loudly to everyone that I have this discussion with (- i.e. resistance to getting a phone, and concern that the child will get sucked into a mindless life of apps and cheap social-media dopamine fixes!!), as it fulfils all my goals (no screen time, yet all the safety features and stalking capability that are so important) and it has also helped me to relax and give her more independence. As adults, we particularly love the multi-network reliability (this and your customer service are, I think, where you excel over other offerings on the market.)

A letter from Teddy's Mum

Wow! Where shall I start? Well actually I will start by saying Thank You!
Who would of known that this awesome watch would bring so much happiness to one family (sorry for the cheesy comment, but its so true).

Teddy absolutely loves his My Gator Watch. The fact that it does not have games & Internet is a massive bonus for me (Mummy Tick Number 1).

He is super proud to wear it. Because of it’s straightforward design and simple button system Teddy is fully capable of explaining how it works and uses it with ease. (Mummy Tick Number 2).

The app is very easy to use, the GPS is 100% accurate. It gives me great peace of mind when Teddy is playing outside with friends. Just knowing that he can ring me or vice versa whenever we want to is a huge comfort. (Mummy Tick Number 3).

The sound and quality of the watch and durability is impressive. Teddy is very active (and accident prone) and has worn the watch for days out and it still looks as good as new. The SOS function is ingenious. I can set the watch so he cannot turn it off. (Mummy Tick Number 4).

Also your Tech Team are flawless, with every email I sent being answered within record time. (Mummy Tick Number 5).

The change this little watch has made to my sons life is amazing.
Teddy has recently been assessed and diagnosed with dyslexia and after a very long time of Teddy having no or little confidence, to now having a happy go lucky little chap who beams from ear to ear when he has the chance to go out wearing his My Gator Watch. For that I will never be able to thank you enough.

Parents of a Gator kid

As a family we love the idea of this watch. My son doesn’t want a phone so this is the perfect solution for a number of concerns.

On arrival of our ordered watch we had a technical problem, but the support offered and service we received were outstanding, and renewed our faith in the product and support. Our problem was addressed and resolved extremely quickly and efficiently. Thank you.

I would highly recommend this watch. We love the additional peace of mind that it provides, along with the ability to be in contact with our son. Our son loves wearing it and feels happy that he can contact us if he needs to.

Mum of a 10-yr old

Parenting any child is a tightrope walk of encouraging independence yet judging risk; allowing your child to explore the world, yet keeping them safe from harm. This tightrope becomes ever tauter when you parent a child with additional needs.

Our son is 10 years old. Creative, funny, disorganised and autistic. He also contends with sensory processing disorder and anxiety.
We have seen the parents of his classmates begin to allow their children more freedom, playing in the park unsupervised or walking to each other’s houses, something that we just cannot let our son do.

At the start of his final year at primary school, our son asked if he could walk to school with his friend. Despite being a short 10 minute walk along a quiet village road, the idea absolutely horrified us. We needed more reassurance and researched wearable GPS trackers, so we could be confident that he had reached school safely. We decided upon the My Gator Watch as it offers both a discreet GPS tracker and the ability to make emergency phone calls to and from the watch. The bonus being that it looks like a cool smart watch that he would be happy to wear.

He has been walking to school with his friend now for over a month. We are still not entirely relaxed about it, but knowing that we can track his movements and call him at any time is reassuring. He feels more responsible and it has given his self-esteem a much needed boost.

Our son may take a little more time, but he will be independent one day and the walk to school has taken him on those first few steps.

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