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Wearable phone and GPS tracker, the highest rated on Amazon UK.
  • For 5-12 years old kids who are too young for mobile phones, and
  • For Seniors who don't like the complications of a smartphone.
  • Two-way phone calls - between your child and up to 13 trusted family and friends which you define
  • Multi-network pre-installed SIM - My Gator Watch connects with multiple networks, choosing the one which is strongest, making the watch much more reliable
  • Flexible Service Plans
  • GPS and Wi-Fi tracking - use your iPhone or Android smartphone to locate your child and manage their watch
  • Free Parental App
  • No access to camera, internet, social media or games - encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle for children with less screen time
  • 4 days standby battery
  • Splash proof - rugged casing to cope with all your kids' adventures
  • Lightweight - 40g
  • Security - end to end encrypted

Once your watch has been delivered, you must subscribe to our voice/data Service Plan to enable the voice and data communications features.
You will receive an activation email within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after you subscribe. This will include the user manual and how to videos.