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My Gator Watch

My Gator Watch

Phone, GPS Tracker And Watch Combined

The only GPS watch that helps kids to be smart and have fun, while giving you peace of mind.

All our watches are Secure with end to end encryption. Our systems are reviewed monthly by a reputed British cyber security firm.

Our mission is to support kids (and parents) as they take a step towards independence, and explore the world on their own. Unplug your kids from devices and the internet.

Two Way Voice Calls

Calls to and from up to 13 designated numbers

Location Tracking

GPS outdoors and WIFI indoors

Multiple Networks

Greater reliability. Connects to multiple networks in most countries worldwide

Long Battery Life

4 days standby battery

Splash Proof

Rain and beach proof rugged casing


End to end encrypted. Systems reviewed monthly by London cyber security firm

My Gator Watch

Wearable Phone and Tracker

My Gator Watch is the coolest Wearable mobile phone & tracker made just for children. It has no internet, no games, no social media, so kids will be more active

Mobile Plans

Pricing and Activation

Once your watch has been delivered, to activate it you must subscribe to one of our voice/data Service Plans. Select from Annual Contract plan and Monthly contract plan

So easy to use, it's child's play!

Step 1

Buy My Gator Watch. Choose from 3 colour options.

Step 2

Select from the annual or monthly subsciption plans tailored for My Gator Watch.

Step 3

Download the Gator3 App on Google Play or App store.

Step 4

Let your kids’ adventures begin.

Gator Kids are Active Kids

Great product and best ever customer service.

-Peter S.

Amazon Review

Brilliant customer service. Product is true to description and accurate.

-Rhonda S.

Amazon Review

This is genius. I bought this for my 8 year old son especially if we are out in a crowded place like an airport, shopping centre.


Amazon Review

I use them particularly when my kids go to ski school to give me some piece of mind.


Amazon Review

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About US

About Us

My Gator Watch

My Gator Watch, part of Techsixtyfour, launched in 2015 with a mission to support kids (and their parents) as they take a step towards independence and explore the world on their own. As My Gator Watch is a keen supporter of flexible working, we’re parents just like you. We’re fun, eager to help and focussed on helping kids gain independence in the right way.